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Wings series by Aprilynne Pike

  1. Wings (2009)
  2. Spells (2010)
  3. Illusions (UK: Wild) (2011)

I suspect I’m with the minority here, but I’m going to go with the UK covers. Even though there’s something… childish about them, IMHO they’re more magical and exciting than their US counterparts. At the same time the darker color scheme of US covers is darker which creates a more mystical effect.

I would have loved to display other international covers of this series but they’re incomplete and I’m known to be very particular that everything is displayed. So keep checking back 🙂



The Théâtre Illuminata trilogy by Lisa Mantchev

  1. Eyes Like Stars
  2. Perchance to Dream
  3. So Silver Bright

Even though there’s no really international covers for this series… (if there is, please contact me!) the art by Jason Chan is too beautiful to go unnoticed. The detail and color that went into the art is equisite and the settings just perfect for the theme of the story. Of course it’s the young adult genre, so the angsty expressions are a must, but a beautiful must it is all the same.

The three-act structure is obviously in use here, with the second book’s art representing the disequilibrium of the arc, mainly with the presence of the two guys and the absence of curtains. I just noticed how the first one is depicting the heroine as if she’s about to go on stage, and in the third the curtains are down which means the play is over. The absence of curtains in the second probably represents the play is in progress.

I wonder how many talks the author and the designers had in order to create this effect, because now that I see it it’s too deliberate to be an accident. Hats off to the designing team for this fantastic result.

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Pellinor series by Alison Croggon

  1. The Naming # The Gift (UK)
  2. The Riddle
  3. The Crow
  4. The Singing
  • 1st row: US
  • 2nd row: UK
  • 3rd row: Germany
    1. Die Gabe
    2. Das Rätsel
    3. Die Krähe
    4. Das Baumlied

Maybe I’m biased since I’m looking at the UK editions on my bookshelf as I write this, but I prefer them. I really like the neat way the individual colors of each book line up. The German editions seem kind of flat and bland, and I believe the contrast of colors in book 3 ruins the otherwise fluid continuity of the series. US has that ethereal look that’s reminiscent of a poem or a play, though the “epicness” of the epic fantasy genre is represented to appeal to the young adult genre in the way the characters are looking out.

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Night Angel series by Brent Weeks

  1. The Way of Shadows (2008)
  2. Shadow’s Edge (2008)
  3. Beyond the Shadows (2008)

Brent Weeks - Night Angel

  • 1st row: US
  • 2nd row: Spain
    1. El Camino de las Sombras
    2. Al Filo de las Sombras
    3. Más Allá de las Sombras
  • 3rd row: France
    1. La Voie des Ombres
    2. Le Choix des Ombres
    3. Au-delĂ  des Ombres

This was a tough one but I’m going to have to go with France. High fantasy novels should have that traditional “epic” look on their covers, and they’ve nailed it with the panoramic view of the city, the dramatic lighting and amazingly detailed art. The Spain and US editions are cool in their own way; the abstract ribbon on the US is a nice representation of the Ka’kari while on the Spanish covers the assassin aspect is brought into focus.

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Rick Riordan – Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Rick Riordan – Percy Jackson and the Olympians series (US, UK)

  1. The Lightning Thief (2005)
  2. The Sea of Monsters (2006)
  3. The Titan’s Curse (2007)
  4. The Battle of the Labyrinth (2008)
  5. The Last Olympian (2009)

Rick Riordan - Percy Jackson and the Olympians

  • 1st row: US
  • 2nd row: UK

Even though I have the UK edition of this series, I vastly prefer the US editions. There is truth in the saying that there’s beauty in simplicity. Seems to me like the UK is stuffed chock full of stuff; US on the other hand makes good use of color and art.


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Incarceron series by Catherine Fisher

  1. Incarceron (2007)
  2. Sapphique (2008)
  • 1st row: US
  • 2nd row: UK

US beats the UK editions hands-down. Even though I live I’m in the commonwealth I ordered the US editions to be shipped over. What’s not perfect about them?



The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins

  1. The Hunger Games (2008)
  2. Catching Fire (2009)
  3. Mockingjay (2010)
Suzanne Collins - The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins - The Hunger Games

  • 1st row: US
  • 2nd row: UK

As a whole I prefer the US edition of this series; they have a uniformity and clean look to them that appeals to me. The grunge look of the UK series doesn’t cut it for me, though in all honesty it’s the cover of Catching Fire that ruins the set. If it had had a different design it would have been a close call otherwise!