Hey! My name’s Natasa and I have an obsession with book covers. The last few years has seen an explosion in the industry, and with it have come hundreds of spectacular book cover designs.

My intention is to clear the confusion that arises when series are printed internationally and to present them to you, the reader, for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to check back every few days to see new comparisons.

If you know of any series that are printed internationally and would like to see them presented, drop a comment or email me at


I’m also a book cover creator. My style is mostly young adultish so if your story is anything like that you’re in luck! Otherwise I try to fit other genres into my work as best as possible. If you want a cover drop me an email at and include:

  • Title
  • Author: username/pen name/real name
  • Summary
  • Description of what you want on the cover and specs (eg age, eye/hair/skin color) or any deets that you want featured
  • If you’re going to publish your story/book as an eBook and use my cover to make money, include that so I can figure out how that works exactly

I put a lot of dedication into my work so it can take a while to finish, but hopefully the result is something good. If you’re not happy with it don’t hesitate to mail me back with changes you want made 🙂


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