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Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson

  1. The Final Empire (2006)
  2. The Well of Ascension (2007)
  3. The Hero of Ages (2008)

  • 1st row: Spain
  • 2nd row: Germany
  • 3rd row: Poland
  • 4th row: US
  • 5th row: US (reprint)
  • 6th row: UK
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Incarceron series by Catherine Fisher

  1. Incarceron (2007)
  2. Sapphique (2008)
  • 1st row: US
  • 2nd row: UK

US beats the UK editions hands-down. Even though I live I’m in the commonwealth I ordered the US editions to be shipped over. What’s not perfect about them?



The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins

  1. The Hunger Games (2008)
  2. Catching Fire (2009)
  3. Mockingjay (2010)
Suzanne Collins - The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins - The Hunger Games

  • 1st row: US
  • 2nd row: UK

As a whole I prefer the US edition of this series; they have a uniformity and clean look to them that appeals to me. The grunge look of the UK series doesn’t cut it for me, though in all honesty it’s the cover of Catching Fire that ruins the set. If it had had a different design it would have been a close call otherwise!